Mid-August 2015

To think how quickly this month has come and is going, is baffling. Somehow this entire year has moved along to fast. The newest self-published book “Grandpa Bob’s Journey”required an edited upload, as the first was without headers and footers. The minor errors were also correctly, to upload as well. This book should become available in a few days.

My cell phone cable/wire to recharge suddenly died. This is the second one since March 2015 when I bought the i5. It makes me upset that AT&T does not have a listing of the previous cable/wire purchase, just  several weeks or within 2 months ago. I had to purchase another one, and cannot receive a credit even though there was supposed to be a one year warranty on it – without the receipt and/or the cable/wire. This is such crap.

So other than this minor $$$ complaint, personal stupidity with the book, and finally this pet condition – yep, Caj has a boil-like thing on his paw. As odd as this seems, it appeared the day after his monthly bath. There was no irritation prior-to the bath on Tuesday, August 11th but the following day a ‘red blistery thing arose’ with no warning. The dog did not permit me to touch it, as when I did gently rub my finger against it – he jumped away and gave a whimpering sound of discomfort. I called the animal hospital that gave his bath and there was no visible sign of any abnormality, growth, or anything during his session the day before.

Bringing Caj there within half an hour brought the vet himself to check over Caj. He at first thought a massive growth – similar to a tumor; however, that clearly changed into a different, undefinable probable, as a condition that may heal with medication and a treatment. Hmmm…!

Poor Caj, he required two injections (steroid, and antibiotic) plus a liquid, to be applied twice daily. It seems that the discomfort to the touch is decreasing, after only a day and a half…hoping it continues. The redness seems to be lessened in color, which could represent an inner healing process with the medications administered in the animal hospital. My weekend may be filled with an improved paw condition, for Caj afterall….

Oh, even worse than the first 3 entered notations, is myself. I had awoke on July 31st, 2015 with a numbness to my left lower facial area, inside mouth, lips, tongue, and left carpal and metacarpals…. Scary but worst than that, I had walked Caj for his morning poop and pees; returned home to make and serve our normal morning breakfast (juice, meds, coffee, etc.) to Bob and myself before realizing this numbness has not gone away. It was 8am when I awoke with this concern; at 9am I mentioned it to Bob and he suggested contacting our physician.

The physician suggested possibly a stroke, get a CT Scan as soon as possible, and take an aspirin. But I opted to contact the EMTs in my area, for transportation to emergency room locally. There it was found in CT Scan, blood work, chest x-ray, etc. that I should be observed. Admitted within a few short hours 24/7 oxygen was supplied, an IV with bedrest, and regular meals with no salt.

There over the weekend I saw a physical therapist, a neurologist, and had an EMI/A on Saturday. The result was I had a small (mini) stroke. How scary is this for me, a considerably healthy individual except for having chronic occurring pulmonary disease – for at least a decade plus years.

Monday afternoon I was sent home with a list of everything administered, instructions, and now I am okay but that numbness has not yet gone nor has it subsided in any degree. What’s with me???

Lana R

Mid-August 2015

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