Mid July 2015

Oh what a weird morning. Today I go to the Seminole Casino with a group of senior citizens; we will enjoy a few hours of casual gambling. I anticipate not winning much, as only $40.00 is my day’s wager. Of course lunch with them will be separate, and possibly not until our return.

Waking up early, walking Caj (my dog) was productive. He did his business with only a two and a half street and cul-de-sac walk. It makes me secure that he has attained the morning poop (excuse the expression). Now prior to leaving for my outing another walk will keep him current till my return. On a few occasions my Bob (spouse) does get home, and then he walks Caj. Our dog does not want for interpersonal time nor outside activity.

Charles (Dennis’ kitty) greets me most mornings with a few meows. This morning as well; he was outside our bedroom door giving the meow, to awake me. Once downstairs, prior to walking Caj, I added a few hugs and pats on his head – once he jumped onto the barstool. He thinks its his. Why tell him differently.

And further into a good startup for this day – I Proof Read digitally the newest book-length that is self-published. It is named Life the Way it Should Be. Much to my surprise in the author page was a ‘royalty’ of my book named Volunteering. This is a wow morning for sure…for me!

Well in a few days LTWISB (Life the Way it Should Be) can be purchased, at http://www.amazon.com  http://www.createspace.com  or over the internet by googling: Lana Reddock. Hmmm…!  I feel better than ever before because one book ordered leads to many more.


Mid July 2015

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