July 2015

began a couple of days ago. I have been awaiting new pants, and towels to be delivered; not that it matters regarding this post because it makes me feel good to share that sometimes others things take place in my household – other than writing books. Although writing is a great way to place personal value on collectives.

2015-Grandmas Kitchen  cover

Grandma’s Kitchen book to PROOF also arrived July 1st, making for a good start of a new month as well as the second half of 2015. It requiring a little editing, as once completed the pages in the beginning became ‘centered’ on the pages. Having corrected that error, the book was self-published and should be available this week at … amazon.com

Another book will be following right along, entitled: Grandpa’s Journeys; it includes numerous images and descriptions of locations Bob has visited over the past 20 years or more. I have also visited a few areas and captured those moments, just because it had beautiful sights to see. By mid-month this book will be ready for amazon.com to display changes in activities, and to bring places the recognition by us.

Caj the dog has been doing nicely; he meets his needs regularly during his walks. Usually half a dozen daily strolls keep him physically fit, as he would otherwise be as I – a stay in one place being. This sitting or relaxing has got to be the major cause of illness, for pets and individuals.

Charles the cat has been learning not to scratch with his claws on the furniture; it is a process to maintain a gentle squirt of water when we catch him. He also enjoys jumping and climbing on shelves, to reach the dining window, to observe lizards, birds, and whatever on the patio. Getting a better understanding of pets makes me realize how near human beings are in actions, to a variety of animals.

Well this is it for now from Lana Reddock

I hope everybody uses ‘safety first rule’ during this Independence Day weekend’s celebration. There are too many incidents taking place, creating hazardous overlooked or ignored creating injuries – some according to the newscasters have been deadly.

July 2015

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