Mid-June 2015

Half a new year is nearing its finale; only 6 months left till 2016. I can wait…but, I am curious to see myself in a better economic venue. Instead of credit card monthly usage, debit card or cash would be a blessing. Hmmm!!!

That’s said let me mention the importance of pre-planning. Anything to be accomplished should have a general overview, to predict a path. For myself there was the goal to self-publish one month each month. Although I near that with 6 books since December 2014, the goal wish has been a month behind…as there is more collectives on my storage device than I can assess properly.

Not only assess properly collectives is a major critical thinking aspect of developing a story, to project accomplishments as well as failures. Book 7 is called Grandma’s Kitchen; it may have a title change to Grandma Lana’s Kitchen. Why the change? There are so many grandma with great details and inspiring stories about how-to and when-to or why-to in your kitchen – perhaps ideas and stories describing how I prepare, shop, organize, etc. well this may just seem old hat. This week that seventh book will go to the http://www.createspace.com location, to be self-published.

All other stuff going on is okay. My dog – Caj turned 2 years old last month and is beginning to display a better understanding of verbal commands.He no longer is as hyperactive nor wild, as in his youth. The training I must admit is a non-stop scenario, to have accomplished the behavior fully acceptable.

Charles is no longer a kitty; he turned 1 year old last month and is doing very nicely. He knows counter-tops are off limits, his kitty pan is the toilet, and that treats are becoming limited – as the purpose to train and teach has been successful … almost!

My son Dennis is doing a fabulous job keeping up with his self-responsibilities both at home and at his job. On his vacation Dennis drove from our home in Florida to Nevada and returned within 10 or 11 days. This journey was to bring back his collection of tools, videos, and electronic (i.e.: dvd player, radio, etc.). En route home from Nevada a stop in Alabama brought Dennis to visit with his niece Danica, her mom Leta, and his young brother Russ. They were so happy to see him and it just warms our hearts, to have our granddaughter be surprised by the visit. Moments such as this brings memories of when I was young; visiting relatives was a thing to brighten the gloomiest days.

Jennifer my daughter was blessed with a grade report card, for he son Alex; and Bob and & are so very proud of him as well. He is going into 8 grade, which makes him so much older and bigger than when we first held him in 2001. Our youngest grandson is rapidly growing in size and educationally. We are all so very blessed.

Earlier this month Bob (my husband) had his urology specialist convey that the cyst-like tumor thing on or in his right kidney shrunk. It decreased from 5mm down to 3mm and it appears nearing its final steps. We both are relieved.

My wonderful [Ha Ha] C.O.P.D. is still keeping my exertion level on minimal. Respirations at times, usually in the morning, are stressed with mucous and phlegm. Coughing it all out is okay however, decreased oxygen makes breathing labored. I can’t win … but for now, nothing has stopped me from awaking, to complain to myself. That is a good way to begin each new day, for a victim of C.O.P.D.

I received another R.S.V.P./Impact Broward Presidential Award for volunteering, regularly in Tamarac FL. This award is a certificate, letter from the president of our USA, and an enormous ‘bronze medallion’. I did not make as many hours volunteering during 2014, as the instructional technology program for senior citizens had been no longer necessary. But, the luncheon and its recognition, for myself and all the other more astute volunteers was delightful.

That for sure is sufficiently outlining anything of importance, for others to view, about the household for Bob & Lana T Reddock.


Mid-June 2015

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