Nutcrackers Finished

After April and May of this year’s redoing the dining room with new paint, installation of new wall-shelving, and ripping up the very old wall-to-wall carpet and its padding and wood with tacks – the end of the year will also get a new look.

Gloria Scroggin a friend at the community center gave me 3 wood carved nutcrackers, in need of painting; this is a first for me. My talents are in writing and composing poems. Painting is normally not one of my specialties, as neatness just does not overflow with me. See the finished products … below.


The image left displays full size. The image right displays close up.

The shirts, pants, pedestals, shoes, faces, and knife and sword all were painted by mixing the basic – red, blue, yellow paints colors; black and white paints were used to lighten and to darken mixed colors.  Needless to say the faces last week were pinkish but much to red; therefore, remixing colors brought about a dark tan (brown) color. The dabs of black on face represent freckles, eyes, and I painted smiles also. Not bad for the first time painting art-project, by an older woman.

Throughout the past two or three weeks there were videos and images posted on Facebook, which give a much fuller and more descriptive view. Anyway, the nutcrackers will be arranged with the others in my collection, of nearing 20. The christmas tree seems empty without the adornments.

The Volunteering book has been self-published in May of 2015 and the Grandma Lana’s Kitchen book will be self-published in a week or so. Then it is time to take a break.

Have a great day and now, for this month, rest and relaxation will take over.

Lana T Reddock

2015 Nutcrackers a

Nutcrackers Finished

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