Mid-month May 2015

This is an exciting time for me. There is the Volunteering book en route to self publish.


There is the Grandma’s Kitchen book in its earliest venue, to being self published.

Cover Image on Grandma's Kitchen book


There are numerous other books in the background on a waiting to be published aspect. What am I doing?!? Hmm…! I ask myself that also.

It is weird for me to have had the ‘collectives’ in organized ‘sub-directories’ – conveniently building into a humongous display of images, videos with and without audio, as well as the Notepad and Word Pad/Word Document files, as references – to whatever the subject, event, or anticipatory scenario down the road to living. And, as a chronic occurring pulmonary disease victim there have been times when failing properly breathe struck, leaving days and weeks of recuperating time, which kept books from being compiled. Currently, this C.O.P.D. is still in my life but under some control, as long as I do not exert myself physically.

Books will continue to be self published, monthly, as fore-mentioned at the start of 2015. Whether breathing slows progress down, it can never quite halt the process of displaying my collectives. And there are more than I would ever have believed on a storage device. Yep, on my computer there is only the currently working on data files. Everything else is safely tucked away.

My dog Caj reached 2 years old day before yesterday; no fan-fare. Nothing special except he had leftover ‘steak and rice’ from Bob. A good way for a dog to enjoy his day. And furthermore Caj has made huge strides in his demure; understanding command words, behaving almost perfectly during distractions (by cats, birds, children, etc.). Never thought I could be a dog trained person but this is an unbelievable accomplishment through the help of the Trainer … Ana P in 2014. Her wisdom granted me the ability to realize my then puppy needed disciple as well as the usual – food, water, snacks, etc.

Most interesting of all is that my husband Bob who also likes Caj was able to become the dog’s buddy. Caj sits at the steps in the morning and evening as Bob does his sock and shoe on or off happening; Bob pets the dog and their friendship has grown into a more responsive venue. Caj actually goes to where Bob is sitting and awaits approval to hop onto the sofa, to snuggle up. Caj actually on his birthday (Wednesday) hopped onto Bob’s lap, for a hug and a sign that he needed to be walked. Amazing, honestly, this dog is almost human.

Charles (Dennis’s kitten) has reached his 1st birthday today. These two animals are best friends, playmates that romp around the house and drink from the same water bowl. They eat one another’s food until told ‘leave it’ and ‘no’ several times. How can I have been so fortunate to have come to find two of the most precious pets, during my aging lifetime?!?

And so this is it for now from Lana Reddock, and her family, except for a very special thanks to my grown children  Dennis, Jennifer, Russ, and my daughter-in-laws for their thoughtfulness on Mother’s Day 2015 and those previously. You all have made me come to enjoy getting older. Not that I disliked aging; I merely thought kind-of that only other people got old – me, I thought would just be forever and ever … the same old bitchy, witchy, and incredible wife, mother, and grandmother till the day I die.


Mid-month May 2015

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