May First 2015

Five months into this new year and it seems as though so much has been accomplished. COPD (chronic occurring pulmonary disease) gave me a heck of threat, for nearly 4 weeks; an office visit with Dr. V Patel provided prescription medications – to rid much of the discomfort. The process of decreasing phlegm build up and heaviness in to lungs began slowly. Fortunately into the finale of medications, improved breathing is surfacing. Too bad this condition does not rid itself permanently; I would be back to my old (younger) self. Filled with energy to think, plan, and begin to finish home improvements and many goals currently unable to start up.

Last month there was so much going on in my head, sketching on paper ideas to create a pleasant and spruced up Dining Room. Sketches became a reality the first week, during the primary shopping for supplies. There was so much to consider; paint and supplies, wood and length to have elongated boards cut, and hardware to attach the desired shelving. Tools were okay as my so Dennis C May was knowledgeable and prepared to install the wall-unit.

The process over 4 weeks gave me time to critique my idea and to collaborate with Bob (my husband) – for whom this project was being made for, as an 84th birthday present. His input was great and increased the functionality, of not only my idea with my son’s assistance; Bob’s input developed the need for placement of decoratives normally left to clutter the kitchen-dining room’s breakfast nook-like area.

And so the project for me was sketching, planning, purchasing supplies (including ConTac Paper), utilizing previous projects’ tools and supplies (i.e.: sandpaper, screws, screwdrivers, etc.). As the project took priority, nothing could have sped the process, as COPD just kicks in with ‘shortness of breath’ after any overexerting activity. So the plan went as follows:

Probable new Look
Probable new Look


Improved sketch of right and side of wall-unit shelving in Dining Room

The wood boards required sanding edges once cut to 4 feet lengths. Other wood boards required sanding as well once cut into 12 inch, 13 inch, and 17 inch support slats. The sanding process may have increased COPD’s dilemma even though weather conditions (from cold to hot, rainy to humid, etc.) brought so much congestion. Fortunately there was minimal dust-particles on the floor to be dust mopped away. This process of preparing the wood boards and support slats took two days, over 2 weeks; taking things slowly provided several days to find rest, to increase and to promote COPD’s dilemma days into almost acceptable.

Painting the borderlines, and window trims was my project; my son Dennis did the wall after moving boxes of saved stuff. Yep, my household has so much stuff … just cluttering everywhere it seems. This project is going to achieve an organized floor plan, decrease clutter of unnecessary stuff, and definitely improve breakfast and dinner time meals.

So preliminary achievement completed, as the camera on my cell phone captured images of the slow but steady progress, which Dennis was ready last Monday and Tuesday to install. And what an excellent job he did. My eyes cannot believe the perfection to which his expertise accomplished, reverse ‘top to bottom’ and bottom to top’ shelving (on right and left wall sections).

20150428_010645515_iOS 20150428_010653802_iOS

  • These shelves will display niceties collected over many years.
  • Attractiveness and uniqueness make this conversation piece, for a long time.

Finally the end project was to replace the removed electric plug-socket plastic plates, clean each one and attach ConTac Paper (that remained, after the shelves and slats were covered). This was completed yesterday, to provide a uniformity of eye-appeal to a once plain and simple room.

20150427_163643915_iOS 20150427_163622668_iOS 20150427_164644450_iOS

This decorative covering was a simple yet elegant idea, drawn from home decorating periodicals of the 1970s and 1980s. Just to make things attractive and special I guess.

And now it is time to prepare once again, for the decluttering aspect, to the dining room; removing papers and unneeded storage boxes, after sorting through each box each week. Taking my time with this project will prevent a COPD flair-up I hope.

And no additional projects have been considered, other than to self-publish the Volunteering book, over the internet at:

This will be the fourth book in 2015, available to the public, regarding the Collectives of many decades being arranged in an organized venue – to share.

Well the coffeemaker is beginning to send its fragrant aroma throughout the house and I am ending this blogging – to enjoy a great cup of freshly brewed coffee. Hoping everybody has a great month, Happy Mother’s Day well in advance to you all, and a special thanks to my medical team for keeping me up and running through a very difficult April 2015.

May First 2015

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