Mid-April 2015

Spruced up the ‘dining room’ walls and flooring, almost completed. Tangerine wall coloring has been painted ‘mint green’ and it looks fabulous; bringing extremely better lighting into to room, from natural sunshine.

Purchasing supplies in advance was essential, two weeks ago. Preparing the walls was simple enough using a Swiffer Duster, to remove any dust or spider webs in corners. Spackling had been completed last week, as well as sanded for smooth any rough areas.

The shelves will be going on the widest wall next week or the week after; however, preparing the wood shelves was also a breeze. Sanding all rough edges, using first the rough sandpaper followed by the softer sandpaper created a smooth surface, to cover with Contac paper.

The shopping and preparing created exertion to breathing; oxygen was required frequently throughout the month of April, for me. There are things that must be done no matter the cost to improve living conditions. For my household there is that need to brighten everything up, which caused C.O.P.D. to become phlegm filled in my lungs. Honestly, it is worth the coughing up several times a day – to have a pleasant place to dine with my family.

Dennis May (my oldest living son) was able to remove the carpet and its underlying padding. Then he removed all the tack nail wood, and the metal stripping room dividers. He even broom swept and vacuum dust particles and debris was then brought to the trash and recycle bins with the help from my Bob.

This turned into a huge job that I was not thinking it would have been. Anyhow, now to get a new flooring, to make the dining room an elegant place to sit during mealtimes is in the guesstimating phase. Having a full box of flooring boards, remaining from the household’s floors that were professionally installed a few years back is good. I can actually bring it to purchase as near in color-scheme to the boards as possible. Hmmm…!

Well, this is one hell of an expensive birthday gift to Bob, who truly deserves the best his money can buy. And, as for myself, this project has been not as exerting as anticipated, as Dennis did all of the lugging, tugging, removing of clutter as well as debris.

Me, I actually did the trim work painting along perimeter of dining room nearest to the floor, patio doors, window under edge, beneath counter-top breakfast area, and finally with a mechanical power screwdriver – I removed the screws from the electric outlets, for the first time in all my life. There was a time when intimidation using anything power tool-like would have sent me far away from such manly stuff. I have seen many females doing home improvements on the home and garden shows and just must have got some of their courage.

Somewhere in between the preparing, painting, and posting Caj did not lack in his multiple walks, to pee and poop. He’s a trooper in his own right, as a perfect pet for me. Caj gets me off the chair or couch – to move sufficiently – to get my body in motion.

Yep – this is going to be a job well done by all of us. See videos


Mid-April 2015

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