St Patrick’s Day 2015

This has been a great day. Bob and I (Lana) had lunch in the Inverrary Country Club, as guests of PMC groups. This group is our medical care givers, and a large group of senior citizens also are members. The luncheon was full of tables with strangers and friends, delicious food, lively music and entertainment. Yep a Belly Dancer performed several tunes, which I posted a 27 second video on my Facebook Page. A couple of images also that did not give great exposure, to the delightful lady.

And there was no update nor mid-month March 2015, as Perspective Learning is being edited. This book depicts computer lessons, assessments, and sessions with additional data – for most computer users. The book has been used in instruction, for more than 7 years, to senior citizens in Tamarac FL. As an Instructional Technologist, this book brought confidence to many individuals. As a computer user, this book required bits of revising here and there; to add interest in the learning process to strangers – this book will be self-published the end of next week. It should become available to order, on the internet, in the website.

As there have been numerous collective booklengths saved and stored, in subdirectories, for many years – having self-publishing can express both knowledge and interest to others. Understanding that nobody is going to order every book, a diversity is being prepared. There are no guarantees that my successful book writing will make anybody brilliant. The hope of course is to enlighten and to decrease intimidation, by the unknown to others that I myself have learned to overcome.

As for Caj, my dog, he is doing great. He has matured enough to be pleasant with some strangers. His training may never be fully completed, as he learns new commands and things regularly. The dog just makes our home very pleasant. Bob (my husband) has taken a very good liking to Caj, walking him frequently as well as spoiling him with bacon (on Sunday), bits of meat (from dinners), and rubbing his belly and his ears – during the putting Bob’s shoes on or taking the shoes off session. The sessions are usually when Bob sits on the steps, and Caj rests as near as possible to him awaiting his recognition. It’s a silly but delightful momentum, nearly everyday.

Everything else in our household is good. We both are doing okay health-wise. That is a major accomplishment.

St Patrick’s Day 2015

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