Third Month in 2015

Wow this has been a busy and time consuming new year’ – filled with self-publishing. As a neutral observer with minimal knowledge about a few aspects, in life, saved and stored files are becoming treasures. A quick run through takes previous published books into light, for comparison, and for general interest about how I have learned to cope with negativity. In the everyday lifetime of many individuals, negativity steps up to the plate and batters dreams; fighting back with facades of joy gets purposefulness back into the hands of weakening hearts.

  1. MY THOUGHTS by Lana Reddock [2001]
  2. Youthful Man of the Year by Lana Reddock [2003]
  3. Line by,,,Jacques Fashioneir by Lana Reddock [2003]
  4. Decorative Crochets Designs by Lana Reddock [2005]
  5. CAJ by Lana Reddock [December 2014]
  6. Life of a Successful Failure and the newest upload for publishing [January 2015]
  7. Gardening with C.O.P.D. by Lana Reddock [February 2015]

u-2015-Gardening w COPD

Ready to order, enjoy, by gardeners of any age

No bragging intended; only a look at accomplishments from files in subdirectories, created way back when. Reviewing, assessing, and developing notations with or without images into something of interest. Anybody could apply this technique, to display themselves. Is there another book in the works, yep; this one is going to depict:

  • educational skills and abilities improvements for senior citizens
  • volunteer services, in Broward County FL
  • recipes and kitchen queries
  • poems and essays, already published in: and
  • grandpa’s journeys, locations my husband and me visited (locally)
  • pets placing amazement before me
  • South Florida dwellings that brought various psychological impact
  • weather images with notations, of essential description of displays
  • year’s end images of past that left an unbelievable rapidity, which never ends
  • holidays gone bye memories

Okay, the list seems far-fetched and impossible to publish, in a single year; it is my goal, to focus monthly during 2015, and to not waste my lifetime’s things accomplished to die – when my times comes. No this is not a morbid nor asinine approach, into the future. The list is not in any specified order in which ‘a collectively stating’ topic will be submitted; only mention is to get in clearly out-there, for whatever reason.

Taking the time to ‘breathe’ and to ‘explore’ all that has been lived-through makes for so much intrigue. Nobody or nothing should leave their lifestyle for others to talk badly about; rather, each 24 hours changes the way things occur. Why not just honestly relate, review, and reveal – just a few or many of occurrences.

Wishing everybody a greatness that needs to be shared, bragged about, and providing inner relief from any of the past’s stress attributed to stuff. And so this is it for today, from Lana T Reddock, M. of Ed..

Third Month in 2015

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