Mid-February 2015

It is very cold outside, for a Florida sun-shining day. We are wearing sweaters or jackets, during walks. The air is clean; cleared from pollen and toxins it seems. Breathing for me is not as difficult, as it has been during similar cold-spells.
The city has notified Bob and me of our driveway’s appearance. it is being recovered with tar-substance, to present a nice visual. Why bother…!?! Perhaps the city wished to have only perfectly displays, of the owners’ innate care for their property.
Dennis is off today; he has so many skills and abilities that make him such an asset. Currently, he and Bob went to the Home Depot Store in Coral Springs FL, to purchase that tar-substance, and the necessary tools to spread it over the driveway’s surface.
By tomorrow morning this surface should appear quite clean and ready to be re-inspected, by the city of Tamarac FL. Of course – anything Dennis does has ever been rejected, by onlookers or recipients, of his handy work.
Caj only pooped once in the house over the past 3 weeks; only because the bedroom door was not closed all the way, permitting him to enter his pee pad room. Once there my dog just couldn’t wait

for me to get my lazy self out of bed – for his morning [pooping] walk. Smart as all hell this dog of mine. He will not poop in the bedroom where he sleeps, on a king sized pillow with a body pillow directly on the floor. The life of luxury I guess, for a dog. For Caj, it makes me feel good that he can be comfortable as well as safe and secure.
Charles the kitten has grown so much bigger, in the few months that we adopted him from the Scarborough Animal Hospital. His tail is so very long that at times, Charles actually makes every effort to catch it – during a wagging phase. It is very precious and a little humorous, to watch.
The two animals get along as finely as siblings. They play together, nipping at one another’s necks, gently pawing each other’s faces, and snugly sleeping on the sofa or floor. So these two will be besties for a very long time.
Jennifer is doing good as well; she is heading to Orlando FL in a while with Alex (my grandson). They will have a great time, as friends of hers will be there with their children. What a way to venture into the future, best friends and family. And to further the excitement for Alex, Jennifer will drive to visit and spend a few days with another of her friends; this time in TN. Hopefully the weather will not deter the long drive from Orlando FL.
And for Russ, Leta, and Danica the circus brought so much excitement, fun, and new life into their hearts yesterday. Yep Valentine’s Day had two great occurrences; first the gift from Bob and me,the gifts from Russ to Leta, and then that circus day outing … who could want for anything more.

Well that’s it from me today except that I am concerned about videos uploaded, to this blog, which do not seem capable of playing. I have had the premium upgrade for sometime now – and no way do video activities display. Oh well, I guess that’s part of my life…being A Successful Failure.
That statement enters the doorway to the new book, Life of A Successful Failure by Lana Reddock; it is available on http://www.amazon.com and I ordered a few books, for individuals I know that would like to purchase.

Life of Cover Image

This is the book’s cover

And to be more spontaneous – another book will be self-published – over the same internet website; it depicts how my illness failed to keep me bed-ridden. Gardening with C.OP.D. is the title, which depicts an experience about the life of seeds, seedlings, and plants purchased within a decade, to keep my mind occupied. It has images, of vegetables, flowers, and weed-like growths. Unfortunately, as a non-prolific gardener, there is limited technological descriptions. There however, observations and notations pertaining to the life-span and/or discarded growths.

I remember when that diagnosis Chronic Occurring Pulmonary Disease was told to me, by my pulmonary specialist; it made me think about how long will it be for this illness to kick my ass?!? Knowing what being alive means, to me, forced me to cultivate my way of thinking, about limitations potentially haphazardly might take my last breath. And, so began a fight against that moment. It must be at least fifteen or more years. Those first few years, well like most individuals, I settled for just being able to walk those few steps to the bathroom, upstairs to bed at night, and down the long hallway to the room where we senior citizens participate in Battle of the Sexes (better know as: Trivia). It still takes for at least 15 minutes or more for my breathing to improve sufficiently, in order that I can think about answers to questions. But at least I pursue doing whatever I want, for as long as I possibly can, just to have many more tomorrows.

Mid-February 2015

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