Second Month in 2015

Yep times flew past January’s new year. The days in Florida have been colder than liked, by many individuals. Ferocious Northern and Midwestern states have been battling severe cold weather, sending tail-end’s to us. Heavy rainfalls, blizzards, and not relief surfacing just yet. How can so much negative climate come to its halt, for a safer nation.

Although weather’s negative cold and rainy weather normally tends to set my health back, this year all is okay basically. Only a nasty build up of mucus fills my lungs. Shortness of Breath has been increasing the rescue-inhaler puffs daily, to assist in decreased asthmatic attacks that previously have followed, sending me to the emergency room. This year perhaps there will be no such need, as practicing to walk slower may increase the lung-capacity to hold air better.

My Bob is doing nicely. His health also is nonetheless trouble-free, so far; therefore his preventive escape from surgical procedures to remove his kidney appears on to be inappropriate – at this time. Last month, or perhaps the month before there was a smidgens view that surgery would be forthcoming, according his urologist. A visit to the ¬†medical lab, for an ultrasound, which was viewed and analyzed for comparisons to his previous view – was filled with don’t worry yet!

So that is all from me for today. Except for the book Life of A Successful Failure by Lana Reddock has been submitted, to – this book may be available to order within a few days, if the page settings I submitted are correct.

Now its time to walk Caj again, this morning, for his second pee and possibly another poop. How rude of me … but this is a natural ongoing daily event.

Second Month in 2015

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