2015 Mid-month

Wish time did not find its way into tomorrow so rapidly. There are so many things to do, for this month, each requiring additional time:

  • there is preparing Bob’s mileage spreadsheet, to display his driving throughout 2014;
  • there is the new book, in the preparation phase, soon to be self published;
  • there is repetitive training sessions, for Caj, to maintain his comprehension;
  • there is combining 6 calendars, which are in online communication locations, into one;
  • there is beginning this year’s physical exercise regime, to prevent ill health;
  • there is also a slue of declutterings throughout the house, to maintain organized living; and finally
  • there is reaching a 2015 goal, to self published each subdirectories’ files, in organized and interesting books.

That is without a doubt the longest new year’s list, of what to do ever, for me. And to top it off there are the many images and videos in my collectives requiring incorporating, into a movie or presentation format, which can decrease searching the enormous collection of saved and stored files.
Well that seems to have said it all, without any imbalance. Nothing left now to do except follow through to prevent slack off.

Lana T Reddock, M. of Ed

2015 Mid-month

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