It’s HERE…2015

I am so surprised that for the time in 5 years my household was awake, outside observing other happy neighbors, and that Russ, Leta, and Danica were here from Alabama. It’s a great way to end on year filled with diversity, having family all in one place – for hugs and kisses and memories galore shared.

Thank you Alabamians, thank you Jennifer for giving up your dinner (to drive over for our surpised moments), and thank you Dennis for sharing your most precious though difficult childhood memories. Seeing my grown up children with their lives in order has made me more satisfied than words could define. Having a granddaughter will never be less than the most delightful momentum, for Bob and me (Lana), from the beginning of time our hearts were filled with happiness, to have a baby girl to share a future.

Bob did no go to sleep until after 1:00am, as I was gathering physical strength from the smokiness of fireworks outside. That smoke is a no-no for COPD individuals but the beauty of having family here – that’s more important. SO happy new year Bob, and may this be a better year than all others. You vehicle accident yesterday, hopefully, will be the last for you. Hope you continue to feel good, have no negative effects, and that anything negative puts itself on the far-end of our future.

As for myself – I am so happy – just about everything keeps making my life better. Thank goodness for Caj, our dog; adopting him was the best thing ever. He had become a member of our family, finally got to meet Russ, Leta, and Danica, and he behaved with great warmth and affection. Caj knows and loves Jennifer and Alex, as they live nearby and visit occasionally. But to have observed a once excited and friendly aggressive beast-life puppy that has calmed down and matured pretty much, my heart is filled with pleasure. CAJ you will be with us many years. I hope my small achievements planned for 2015 succeed, in bringing books on for sale, to provide a check quarterly to the Broward Animal Shelter, where Caj was adopted Christmas in 2013.

Charles the kitten has grown twice in size, continues to be a good player with Caj, and somehow has never been a negative with my allergies; I am very fortunate, to have him as a loved pet – even though mostly he is Dennis’s…. See Dennis May on facebook for images and periodic posts regarding this amazing and adorable kitten, growing ever so fast.

Aspiration for this new year are minimal, as too many resolutions tend to get set-aside and lost in the moment; therefore, a specific resolution which can bring personal satisfaction into my life – publishing the collectives, in paperback, on This may bring revenue, sharing the good as well as bad events that have made mention in files. Kindle has an app that also may distribute the books, if I can figure out how to without going broke in the process. So…’LIFE of… …A SUCCESSFUL FAILURE’ is in the editing process; this book is expected to be self-published mid January 2015. Good Luck to me and my family, both here and those returning home, and many special blessings and prayers that we all have the best year of our lives.

Lana T Reddock

[NOTE: Lana Reddock is the name on the cover of the future books, on, so keep a keen eye for somthing of interest]

It’s HERE…2015

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