Mid-November 2014

Brings warm weather in Florida, approaching Thanksgiving (in 2 weeks), and my nephew’s big 13th birthday celebration. He’s having his bar mitzvah, according to his mom’s facebook post. He looks stunning, in a blue suit. Can’t believe that many years have come and gone.


Mentioning a holiday party with PMC (medical physician group) in south Florida, I can’t imagine not posting the lovely table   centerpieces; yep – I snagged a Styrofoam House-like object, to place in my living room – to offset Christmas Decor.

20141114_181043978_iOS  20141114_214142547_iOS

Actually, to improve upon my decorating … hahaha!!!

Oh well somethings never change; if it’s not glued down and can fit in my purse – forgive me. I love pretty adornments.

20141114_182236875_iOS 20141114_182214893_iOS

November 14th, 2014 Bob and Lana (me)

…both agree that our medical professionals and health care companies are better than we could ever have wanted. That’s a great plus, in our aging years. Thank You for honoring all the patients … annually.

Now I am off to Caporella – Wellness Center – to volunteer a few hours. This is a must to staying healthy. I get out of my house, meet and greet members, screen and print images on identification badges, and mostly – my mind gets a good workout. So anybody with nothing to do please locate a community center, in your area, to register for a worthy volunteering position. The pay is “are you kidding…$0.00” but it can double or triple … lol. The recognition is a few times annually, at meetings and luncheons; presidential awards are issued … and most importantly … volunteers contribute many hours of otherwise down-time, saving wages and stress usually on employees.

Happy Thanksgiving, from the Reddock family, the May family, and our pets … Caj and Charles.

Mid-November 2014

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