Mid-October 2014

Finally after two days of attempting to connect to this website, to post a blog, the screen appeared. I am so disgusted with the new service by att that I could just shout at the company.

Anyway please visit the other blog…which has been updated today…at:


This spot has the most worthy of mentioning information. However, I shall attmept to insert a video and image, of the final surgery 0f almost 3 weeks ago. Eveyrthin is healing nicely. The doctor is pleased, I am satisfied, and most that view http://www.facebook.com/lanareddock also are in agreement – of the results have shown so much improvement.

Well, next week after the remaining half a dozen sutures have self-removed, there will be another update. Other than that, nothing else will be posted this month until Halloween. It should be lovely with numerous trick or treaters. Last year there was more than a dozen and I was not prepared. This year I am ready for at least 2 dozen. Happy Hauntings little ones.



Mid-October 2014

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