Forth Quarter of 2014

This should be the best ever, for me. My family will be nearby to celebrate the holidays, exchange hugs and gifts and innate concern for one another, and even more importantly – nobody is ill. Such a blessing is rare to come by, however my surgery of last week seems to have the diverting edge, which makes this year phenomenal.

Caj (my mixed Terrier) was brought home Monday evening by Bob and Dennis, from the Scarbrough Animal Hospital, in Sunrise FL. He was there since last Monday evening, to prevent injury to the reconstructive surgery, in its primary healing phase. And much to my surprise there was no complaints about his behavior, from the staff; if anything, they might have liked him to stay a bit longer, as Caj is a playful and friendly pooch. What a blessing to have been able to adopt him on christmas eve 2013. He was playful in a ferocious way, friendly in a concerned way, and required many days of training with a professional trainer and independently … to calm his protective instinct into an acceptable behavior. And this dog has made me so happy, by the educational and canine skills and abilities as he progressively improves daily.

Charles (Dennis’s all Black Kitten) has also found a nice place in our house; Caj loves him and they play and romp around upstairs, downstairs, in and out of the difference bedrooms … on the beds, off the beds, and under the beds … and any place one of both can fit. Challenging one another to ‘catch-me if you can’ activity. So he too has been a house-warming addition. Only once did he have a mishap, peeing out of his kitty litter pan. And from then point on … it has been a well learned and practiced routine … pee and pooping in the pan.

As both pets are quite different in size, weight, and of course breed … each has their own intrinsic displays of affection, discipline, and calmness. It does amaze me and Bob and Dennis that these two animals do not fight over anything; foods, water bowl, snacks/treats, and even the time shared to sit and be patted by one of us. You might think these two pets are sufficient Christmas Presents … now … and for many years to come!!!

But on a much more humanistic venue, my sutures are beginning to remove from the grafted sights. At least 4 or 5 have somehow self-removed during sleep or perhaps when a cool compress (wash cloth with water) had been applied to decrease the itching. I guess this is a good thing. Next Monday I see the plastic surgeon and he will give his opinion, other instructions for the healing process, and he’ll get another pat on the back for his excellence in performance, in the operating room.

Nothing else to look forward for a while, as healing is most important. Instructing others in technology, can stay on hold for a week or two.

Oh I guess mentioning that the new internet and television connecting services are not up to my standard, however there is a savings monthly of $15.00 just about. Hmmm…! Learning new stations and television numbers, adjusting to a slow-to-go to the internet, and the inability to feel self-confident while communicating – this is a need to decrease attitude. hopefully there will be no further unexpected performances, which can make me very sorry that I made the change-over.

And for the first time in a week and a half I have prepared an excellent, very fragrant meal for tonight’s supper. It is a chicken and vegetable stew; onions, red and yellow peppers, potatoes, mushrooms, and every a few beef riblet combination. Already the house smells like – is it dinnertime?!?

Midmonth I shall post a couple of new pictures, to display the healing processes advancement. For now, there is nothing too great to see unless you can envision the down-the-road apiece … which is something I can see … as repairs from previous surgical reconstruction gives me instight as well as the end result opinion.

Lana R

Wishing everybody a wonderful year’s end. And to my nephew that was sent to ‘heaven’ after his accident crash, god be with your widow Krisit, and those beautiful youngsters (Gwyneth, Chloe, and Trey).

Forth Quarter of 2014

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