End of September 2014

Has to be the best time to thank Dr. Eugene Strasser, for his expertise in repairing my face. Yep … he made my right eyelide (through a skin graft) function normally; it now closes and opens when necessary without any difficulty. There is of course so much swelling, bruising, and sutures – not that it hinders the future’s healing process … for me this is a miracle. And, not only did he perform this eyelid correction via reconstructive surgery, he worked his magic with my out of alignment nose. This time he improved it far more than during the April 2014 surgery.

      20140929_162505978_iOS  20140929_162503334_iOS  20140929_162441945_iOS

Yep looks painful, looks awful (to somebody that knows little), and looks quite promising (to somebody that knows its healing)

Can I want anything more??? Nah!!!

I only want my plastic surgeon to have his best future ever with many other patients, which usually need much more than me.

This is my last post before the final display of pictures, so whomever reads and views this blog, please … don’t be upset nor thinking what a foolish inddividual I am. My trust in the weeks to come will be proven with no doubt, my facial scars will be minimal and the functionality of my eyelids and nose will continue to make me satisfied. My biggest complaint is the itching has been horrendous…constant…and that it seems to have become decreased once the bandages were removed this morning, by the surgeon, in his office. Of course – healing is going on – itching is a good sign….

End of September 2014

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