it’s getting closer…

…for the surgery to my nose and eyelids. I’m not nervous just concerned that at my age, perhaps this is something too dumb to have repaired. Somehow, it makes no different, as the scheduled date and time is approved by the insurance company. The hospital has a go-ahead on the roster. My plastic surgeon knows his stuff and I just couldn’t be in better hands … I believe.

So the next blogging will represent the day or two after the surgery; depicting how I feel and that’s about all I can contribute today.

As a special mention, I bought my husband a couple of Boston Cream Donuts, from the local Dunkin’ Donut Shop. A treat for him, to make me feel better. I know its stupid but if he’s going to be eating improperly next week – the least I can do is set him in the right direction.

Caj will be boarded, for at least 3 nights; he may remain until Saturday of next week – if I feel overly uncomfortable, longer than expected.

Dennis will be home with Bob, so neither will be bored nor lonely with worry, about me.

Jennifer will be near her cell phone, should the guys require a friendly ear to listen to their concerns. And of course … go-Cougars…Alex will be playing on his team in competition. Obvisouly I am positive the team will do great.

And for anybody not knowing – Bob will have a new eMail address. It has been submitted to those that need to know. Bob may however contacted whomever he wants to have it…once he gets the hang-of-it. For now – he will be studying the similarities and differences from his previous one.

Lana T Reddock, M. of Ed staying a final blog until I know whether I’m doing better … which should be next week.


it’s getting closer…

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