This Wednesday

was a productive time for a senior citizen that has been learning to perfect her technology skills, to improve her abilities by me coaching her. Today the lesson was implementing how-to print ‘business cards’ on the Business Card Sheets I brought to her. As for myself, as an IT teacher, Instructional Technology covers many aspects, more often not thought of by computer users. In my normal classroom sessions there is a booklet that conveys most of the necessary and important shortcut keystrokes. In a private session, the booklet’s criteria supercedes previously studied reference, which can be improved upon with practice.

Somehow in college and in the university I did not have anybody to instruct me one-on-one, about the applications that create and develop what-for … and which 0ne … to use for a specific purpose. My students, mostly senior citizens, are informed and practice when to use which application, to present the best output.

This of course is not something that can be learned and mastered over a few week-session set of leassons. It takes also the mental ability by the individuals to look back into their mind, for the reason behind doing anything. And it is necessary to remaind them – do not sit at the computer for long periods of time just trying something. I teach them to prepare a set time (perhaps two-hours limit) when practicing or preparing any document, spreadsheet, presentation, database, and even the movie maker applications. So … if anybody needs my service … $25.00 per hour will cover the most necessary tasks, cheat cards (with shortcuts), and reminder cards (to use as references during a lull).

Here’s the number to contact me: 1-954-324-9896 It is a MagicJack telephone service. Looking forward to your call for assistance.

It is important to understand that technology can be an asset when used properly. The Internet can be a hazard when improperly used.

This Wednesday

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