Labor Day Weekend

For my household was simple. Relaxed, made two great dinners, and invited a friend of my son’s to join us Monday. We ate a pork butt that was slow cooked in a crock pot, over potates; I made a side dish of sweet green peas with butter sauce and cinnamon sugar. Soda was the beverage of choice for each of us (Bob, Alicia, Dennis, and myself). And most noteable is that Caj and Charles ate great as well.

Yep our dog Caj had a small feast of the meat, grated cheese, and his dog food combined. Charles the kitten also had the same combination, however on a much small serving size.

Everybody left the table (and their bowls) with a full belly, ready to take a nap.

So am I happy summertime is nearing its end? Yes indeed, however Florida rarely sees any other season.

For us in Florida there is summertime weather for just about 10 months; ten months of chilled temperatures; and somehow that’s just perfect.

Never can we Floridians complain too much about the heat of day, the rain and its counterparts – thunder and lightning – as those in most other states cannot get away from shovelling the snow, which can be more hazardous than what we all have here in FL.

Why is this blog – due on September 1st – being so late to hit the internet … hmmm … would you believe because I just plum did not think anything about the computer over this weekend. Amen…guess…I’m not addicted to technology after all!!!

Lana T Reddock, M. of Ed

Labor Day Weekend

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