Eighth Month in 2014


20140731_230007809_iOSAnd it has begun with the usual unpleasantness. First Caj woke me at 6:30 am for no reason; I took him for a walk and nothing more than a pee. The neighbor’s door as usual without a leash distracted Caj. The neighbor did not pick up her small, lightweight pooch – making Caj more happy to see a 4 legged-buddy. Hmmm…! Such obnoxiousness.
My eyeglass broke yesterday, in the afternoon; I must be hexed or something. Today I need to read questions and answers in the Tamarac Community Center, to which I cannot do. A replacement pair has to be ordered, will not be available until next week, and for this I paid a small fortune above the Medicare expected cost … back in January of this year.
That delicious cinnomon glazed morning cake Bob bought became soggy, as apparently water fell into the aluminum pan holding the cake. Anything else can go wrong, so I am treating this day a jinxed time.
Dennis bought shoes for work day before yesterday, after the first pair was too small; the new shoes had to be painted black … his place of employment does not accept brown as a uniform.
Do I dare take the time to add anything else…!?!
Jennifer has went to 3 or perhaps 4 wakes and funerals, of school pals ,,, each giving her a thought about how fortunate we all are to be alive.
The kitten Charles has been advancing in his surroundings, Caj has begun to take brief rest-periods during their playftime. However, knowing at any minute Caj will see Charles doing something, going someplace, or just ready to play … it begins all over again … the two hiding and seeking, licking and pawing, and making me a bit nervous. Fortunately, these two pets have never became hostile towards one another. It is a small blessing having two 4 legged-pets; hopefully they will continue to become better adjusted, and give each other a bit more than just a ten minute break between playtimes.
So is this a great month beginning or what>>>!?! It is definitely the end of the July 2014 month’s chaotic weather and atmospheric irregularities … I hope for a much calmer and peaceful future.
The nicest moments of yesterday, the final day of July 2014, is the image of Bob and Charles (the kitten) in the living room, just a-chilling….
Lana T Reddock, M. of Ed

Eighth Month in 2014

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