Caj’s New Critter

It may not seem logical to mention that a kitten, nearing 11 weeks old, can be a calming factor – for a 14 month dog.

It may not seem intelligent, for a household with one pet, to venture into the unknown – bringing in a new one.

It also may not seem probable that a medium size dog and a tiny kitten would become easily acquainted – in just a 2 week span of time.

p-2014-Caj Wandering zzc  p-2014-May Kitten Charles a  p-2014-Kitten Charles zzbb

Well the proof is in the pictures and videos’, which make me proud to have saved two darling critters.

Yes Charles the kitten has become a new experience and friendly critter, not only to Dennis May and Bob and Lana – Caj our dog has grown to display intrinsic nurturing; paternal instinct it seems. Just view the most delightful video captured moments, during playtime.


Charles the Kitten


Caj the the Dog

These two pets are truly enjoying the living room’s large floor, its entertainment center, and the food supplied. It’s share and share alike when the two pets are downstairs. In Dennis’s bedroom, Charles the kitten has his own water and food dishes, a kitty litter pan, and a traveling case.

Caj has mostly full run of the house; he has a bed downstairs (in the living room), his water and food dishes are in the kitchen, and he has a body pillow in the hallway upstairs – where he sleeps at night.

These are two very wonderful and pleasant animals, which I am pleased to say both make my husband happy also.

Lana T Reddock, M. Ed


A collection of images and data journalizations have been placed in a Word Document file, to be proofread and edited as needed, prior to publishing – possibly by the end of summertime.

Caj’s New Critter

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