Yep…green beans…have become the morning pastime, as I photograph and video graph the development. Who knew that anybody could truly become a successful mini-gardener?!?

There have been many years suffering with Chronic Occurring Pulmonary Disease (late 1990s to-date); this brought much of my daily activities to a near-standstill. C.O.P.D. has a way of just sneaking up, taking every breath away, creating pain beyond definition, and usual kills its victims.

How does a very healthy, rapid moving individual recover? Certainly not by permitting illness to gravitate into a major crisis, regularly. An individual (such as myself) fights for every breath, no matter how small, to pursue as many tomorrows as humanly possible.

So I began the do nothing syndromatic state of mind and turned it into a learning and documenting aspect, which brightens my could-drab-days.

The results have been varied from miniscule to magnificent. For a few decades planting and observing growth and development of seeds, seedlings, and started plantings brought small daily adventures – denoting whether anything would or could live in flower pots. There have been cucumbers, tomatoes, various herbs, and numerous discarding’s – somehow overwatering, root rot, too small a vessel, and of course the Florida weather changes that have made observations treacherous…at times…when failure approached. But with each failure of some planted things came smiles, as new sturdy stems, leaves, and actual vegetables or herbs appeared.

The newest collective view of a C.O.P.D. victim’s life of hope displays as follows:

The picture display numerous green beans, which can be pinched from the stems soon, washed and cooked – to serve in salad or as a side dish.

Later today there will be the collection of other 2014 plantings, including the failed to growth and develop groupings.


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