is the newest member in our household, however he belongs to Dennis C M….

During my dog Caj’s monthly bath, nail trimming, and visit to the Scarbrough Animal Clinic there was a tiny, black kitty. It needed a home so I opted to ask Dennis if he’d like to have his own pet. Skeptical at first, Dennis agreed to be the kitten’s owner. And that’s the interesting but simple tale about how and where and even why Charles the Kitten has a place to live. See images and video of the tiny kitten exploring the dining room table. Caj oversees what’s going on, interested in figuring out whether this 4 legged being is friend or what!? !

p-2014-Caj Wandering zzd p-2014-Caj Wandering zze  

Caj Reddock July 2014

p-2014-Kitten Charles zzb p-2014-Kitten Charles zzbb  

Charles May July 2014

Everybody is pleased that this kitten is small enough to train, to enjoy, and to maintain. In a couple of weeks he will get his primary shots, then a couple of months later Charles will be neutered. Surprisingly, Charles is able to eat crunchy food, when in small sizes; he drinks from a small bowl of water; this pet even uses the kitty pan. Again, my household has been blessed with an acceptable pet.


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