July 2014

…has arrived with nothing much to mention. There has been a backyard seed, seedling, and discarding of newly planted items since the end of May 2014. Mostly, in flower pots there are slim to nil changes of surviving plants. This years however a ‘grape tomato plant’ has produced several edible bits. The ‘eggplant’ also has produced a product, which is not quite ready to pick. Sweet Basal and Pineapple Sage plants have took nicely, to the flower pots much larger than the beginner containers. Everything else, including the ‘cucumber’ and seeds (poppies, radishes, carrots, green beans, etc.) all have been discarded – somehow water logged in the terrarium as well as heat exhaustion, once transplanted.

So is there anything special about to come our way, probably not.

  • My Bob is doing great, feels wonderful, and has no medical condition requiring any treatments.
  • Myself has no complaints, other than shortness of breath; this is a regular occurrence, after walking Caj (the dog) as well as doing any household cleaning or rearranging. Laundry at least provides half hour intervals, for me to sit and catch my breath. Other times – I use rescue inhaler, oxygen, and relaxation on the sofa. Almost forgot to mention that my nostril has just about healed, can be sneezed and blown without any difficulty; breathing in stereo is how I explain the improvement. Once again, thank you Dr. Eugene J Strasser for making the difference.
  • My son Dennis is doing nicely; has a good job that he knows probably with his eyes closed.
  • My daughter Jennifer and her family is super duper. Alex begins football practice in a week or so, once registration and uniforms have been paid. Anthony and his girlfriend are happy. Jose III loves his occupation, taking him into future licensing, after his apprenticeship.
  • My son Russ and his family are doing fine; preparing their first house for sale … this is a major job for Leta. Danica is promoted and is having a good summer with her mom, as they both go back and forth to Madison and Auburn … periodically. Hope the house gets sold with a little capitol, for them to take a needed vacation.

Oops … how could leave out Caj!?! This dog has become such a welcome member to our household; brings about the exercise I need, to maintain daily health and stamina. Almost 14 months old, Caj displays a well adjusted balance between calmness to hyperactivity. His capacity to fetch, bring items, and to play tug of war-like games provides evening fun…for Bob, Lana, Dennis, and of course Caj. And, most importantly, this dog has improved tremendously, walking on the leash with minimal pulling; of course when a cat, bird, or something is in clear slight – Caj attempts to quickly fetch it. Whatever … because Caj is still learning….

So from my mouth to god’s ears – who could ever think of anything more pleasurable … than to have a good family without a crisis. This is the first year in a long time that nothing has gone wrong; I have my fingers crossed to divert anything bad, from coming our way.

July 2014

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