Father’s Day 2014

My dad and I were buddies, pals, and do things together-ers. Here’s what we did that I miss most of all:

  • 1954 b-1954-Pony-Lana-c he adopted me, so mom and I could have a good life; nothing wealthy, just secureness.
  • 1955 b-1955-6-Pod-Paul-Lana-cc We had a blast waiting in line to see the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade when I was a youngster; it was freezing cold, so we bundled up with hats, gloves, and heavy attire.
  • 1956 b-1955-Lana-e b-1956-Lana-h b-1956-Lana-i Palisades Amusement Park had a stage where life entertainment was displayed; it had loud music from the band/orchestra. I went on stage to perform but soon chickened out. Dad captured those moments, and I cherish each image that used to make me cry.
  • 1957 b-1955-56-Podluskis-PEL-a b-1955-56-Podluskis-PEL-bb We (including mom) went to Miami Beach FL and laughed, played in the pool, on the beach we ate lunch that had bits of sand, and we walked around. There was Black Sambo’s (now it’s Denny’s); there was Wolfe’s (now it’s gone); there was the Royal Palm Hotel (still standing but lagging behind); and there was that moment when I nearly drowned but was rescued by a ‘lifeguard’ – and even more than these memories…
  • Mid-1950s There was his photography sessions, during my recital in the Brooklyn Academy of Music; I and several others danced to Lady of Spain and we did a rendition of a ‘modern jazz’ stint. We were awesome and he captured those moments. (images not available)
  • b-1949-Podluskis-b
  • This collective set of images, (above) was cut and pasted into sections, for descriptive ability; dad’s family, many are also in heaven. They too are blessed by being part of the relative images, once captured on film that I kept – in memory of dad.
  • Early February 1962 was the very first time he became ill, vomiting at his job and arrived home early; we could do little to assist him. Calling for an ambulance as his chest pain became intolerable, my dad was rushed away to Beth Israel Hospital of 16th street, in New York City New York.
  • June 1962 I graduated from Junior High School 71, his camera flashed, in the auditorium as I walked on stage; we ate (with mom) in Katz’s on Houston Street afterwards; we had marvelous times. As he healed and went to the convalescent home in Yonkers New York, many other males aged there with their ailments. They played cards, chatted about families and friends, and a few recovered and left; my dad returned home for just a few weeks … to which I thank my GOD daily … as he then passed on to heaven.
  • Tuesday, July 11th 1962, at his funeral there was a frightening experience for me and others; I wanted to join him, they held me back, as I sorrowfully pleaded not to be left with mom. My sister was nearing her 4th birthday (now as of 2010 also in heaven) gave him a piece of Bazooka Bubble Gum, to enjoy on his journey, to meeting those souls of the faithfully departed. Mom just continued to be stunned, and she lives on today and for who knows how much longer. Yes…1962 held sad but memorial memories for me.
  • Paul Peter Podluski has missed out on numerous father’s days, graduation days, and seasonal occasions. There is a saying that “the deceased watch over and protect those living;” if that’s true, I am blessed beyond any idiom’s connotation. Each occasion I think back to the best moment, when my family was sharing something good, to replace that void within my heart. For others, there may not be that recognition, so please know that they gone should never be forgotten; they each should be thought of as awaiting the time when we are all together again!
  • 1963Dad only missed out on my wedding day, April 6th, the birth of my first born August 27th, and several educational pursuits completed (geriatric health, Wicca, private investigative services, business administration, and instructional technology); without dad’s perseverance and timely lectures about being better than thinkably possible – maybe I’d have been a lazy-ass dumb-one. There are no rewards for the dad’s that cared, shared, and died; there is only recollective beliefs knowing the recipients had been blessed.

Happy Father’s Day to the many living dads and moms that need to be loved and admired for their courage, strength, and faithfulness administered to their children and to their friends. You all set fabulous examples that all role models need to project, to ensure there will be others to follow suit. Thank God, for those good moments that I mentioned above, and for the mind sight to maintain heartfelt love, for my stepfather that was more of a dad than could have been….

As of the past 32 years, another man has given of himself, to my children and ours, deserving a blessed and a peaceful day.

So, Robert A Reddock, we are having lunch with our daughter Jennifer, son Dennis C-M, and we’ll chat with Russ and his family later in this day. Forever…love…from: Lana T Podluski (May) Reddock, June 15th, 2014

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Father’s Day 2014

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