Almost half a year…

…has come and gone, for 2014.So what comes next, in the future?

There is a probability that good tidings may befall upon many individuals. As for myself, there has been nothing much to complain about. My nostril procedure has been healing, the swelling is nearing its end, and most of the sutures are gone. A couple or perhaps three remain, inside the nostril. These should also self-remove, according to the plastic surgeon. Trying to remove either might cause damage, to the area of graft and improvement, so I just hope for the best.

The puppy Caj has become a dog, on May 13, 2014; nothing special occurred. There was not birthday party, only a few extra treats and snacks were purchased. The puppy chow and most other puppy foods just annoy him. Caj sniffs, tastes, and usually spits out any morsels that are given to him. There are 2 moist and individually wrapped dog foods that he likes, however the concern is that he will not properly achieve good jaw action. This dog is a wonder, making for an interesting and delightful future.

Dennis is doing okay. Jennifer is working gad zillion hours weekly, and soon enough ‘football season’ for my grandson will begin; once this occurs, my daughter will be doing double-time. Russ is having a time of it; my granddaughter attends a school quite a distance from the dwelling, to which my daughter in law drives her to and from. Double time work for the parents no matter where they live, just does not get decreased.

My Bob is doing nicely, having a blast knowing that our dog Caj adores him. Of course Bob says, “I’m second choice to Caj.”

This is almost an accurate statement, not because Bob does not pay attention to the dog; rather, Bob does not spend as many hours home with our pet. The dog gets fed by me, issued water by me, goes for both lengthy and short walks (several times a day – to pee and to poop), so what’s the query – “Does the dog have preferential like for either of us (Bob and Lana) – or not?”

Honestly, any individual that has the constant care giving to a person or to a pet is going to be either more admirably accepted than a part time owner. But for whatever reason the dog takes more to me, not only brings a point that I too ponder, “how come this dog since day one – after being adopted – follow where I go, whether it be the sitting outside the bathroom, sitting in the kitchen, and sleeping outside the bedroom.” Where ever I go and it does not matter if Caj is sleeping, this pet gets up to follow me, as though he is the care giving – and the concerned bodyguard.

Perhaps I am just fortunate that my dog cares. Perhaps my dog just does not like being away from individuals. Perhaps my dog Caj will be the most highly regarded pet that I have ever come to own or pet-sit. And I’m old, being a first time pet owner has a way of making me nervous, always on my toes, and observing what this dog does – to the point that I can almost recognize his moods. And mostly Caj likes that I play throw the ball and he retrieves it, again and again, and frequently in the evening time. Yep – Caj is a healthy and happy dog.

Lana T Reddock 

Almost half a year…

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