Healing Nostril

is making me a little nervous, ‘cause it cannot blow out accumulated stuff (i.e.: blood and snot); how disgusting. Anyway that does not truly matter. What matters is that I can breathe in stereo (for a lack of problem words); stereo means both nostrils have equal inhalation and exhalation functionalities. It has been so many decades that I had minimal, limited right nostril breathing, which makes me feel so freakin’ fortunate, to have been able to recover with what many individuals take for granted. Breathing is a major daily function, providing sufficient oxygen to the lungs and the removal of unnecessary impurities, in our bodies. So it’s a hugely big deal to me.

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The pictures midway between paragraphs displays the progress, since surgery on April 24, 2014. This is merely an unprofessionally captured view, from my cell phone’s face time-like camera. It serves a purpose that I never would have dreamed possible; it depicts the ugly and the beauty of my face.

And once again … Dr. E J Strasser of Coral Springs FL … if I had a zillion dollars there would have not been a better surgical improvement, as mostly my toddler through adult years did not find ‘med-surg’ to be painless. To me, med-surg has had memories of painfulness, sleepiness, and professional promising to improve my appearance but failing to complete anything. Dr. E J Strasser took only a look, and provided a confidence beyond any medical individual previous – to give me faith in him. And he brought-forth a new meaningfulness, to breathing and coping with my C.O.P.D. (Chronic Occurring Pulmonary Disease).

As old as I am things never truly bothered me, about my looks; cosmetics did a good job, of hiding wrinkles and skin-irritations. And once again, this surgery will require a cosmetic moisturizer with a foundation, in order to hide a little bit of the scarring. Nothing can truly be said for the way I can breathe because there’s no way to hide such a longer overdo problem. Perhaps now I can live those extra decades, minus the nasal problem’s of the past.

Healing Nostril

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