No longer a puppy…

…May 13, 2014 is the day Caj Reddock will celebrate his birthday, annually; this being the first was a fun day. Caj of course has been adopted from a Broward County Animal Shelter, in Fort Lauderdale FL, on Christmas Eve 2013. The veterinarian counted back 7 months, permitting his guestimate birth-date. He was 7 months old upon the adoption, knew several commands, and has since increased his capacity to function – in a private dwelling. This puppy has added to the lives of the Robert & Lana Reddock family; making us realize how we are building a lifelong relationship with a puppy that had been found injured back then. For us, there will never be a time that our puppy – who turned into a dog yesterday – should ever return to any shelter. Instead of having a huge, silly and fun filled party, Caj was taken to the Scarborough Animal Clinic to be bathed, nails clipped, ears cleaned, and anal whatever … now, this dog began his first year exceptionally clean and healthy.

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Caj is exploring the backyard, after its raking in preparation for seeding and weeding, on his first birthday.

During his grooming time I (Lana) drove to the local gardening center, for a slue of backyard adornments. Late springtime boosts my outdoor planting. I purchased a few salad herbs, vegetables, and even an oriental poppy seed packet. The vegetables were potted in the started micro-fibrous soil-like pouches, which I replanted into larger plastic-like flower pots. The herbs also were replanted into larger vessels. And for usual hope this has good growth and development – I actually once again planted seeds (carrots, radishes, asparagus, peppers, etc.) in a terrarium. Previously this has been successful to a point, however nothing large enough to be proud of.

Caj was curious about the newly planted seeds, seedlings, and replanting’s but did not get into mischief with anything; he just sniffed about then played with his various ball collection. It looks as though we (Bob and Lana) have truly been blessed with a domestic pet, which should be with us more than a future decade.

Lana T Reddock, M. Ed

No longer a puppy…

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