Post Surgery week 2.5

Tuesday, May 06, 2014

These images are May 3rd, 2014, after washing my hair – to display and view reconstructive nostril and full nose as it heals. It may not be pretty now but in a few weeks…!?!

  mdc-2014-Reddock Lana Nose zzzeee  mdc-2014-Reddock Lana Nose zzze

Because I am pleased with the results, and aforementioned it to Dr. E Strasser, at his suggestion,

I am submitting my opinion and gratitude regarding Dr. E Strasser, for the following:

April 24th, 2014 performed reconstructive surgery to right nostril and realigned the center cartilage; a graft from behind right ear provided nostril’s enlargement. This was accepted by Medicare (CarePlus) because it was to increase inhalations and exhalations through the nasal passage way that had been damaged, many years back.

1. Additional reconstructive surgery may be performed, to correct right lower eyelid, to properly close. This also will require a skin graft, possibly from the interior oral cavity’s cheek area; it will become the underlying sturdy skin-grafting exterior’s platform. This procedure will grant right eyelid to close properly, which has never been repaired correctly in the past – by other physicians and/or surgeons..

2. The cause of damaged right facial area was from an injury, during Lana Reddock’s toddler years; correctly there have been multiple procedures that made improvements, however the damages were from 3rd degree burns, and difficult to assess in the youth. Progressively, there have been reconstructive plastic surgery, periodically in the past 6 decades, each provided visual acceptability, to the appearance, at each healing point’s end. Normally the healing process end-results took 3 to 4 months, for the swelling and redness to areas improved upon, to be free and clear of any visible irritation do to surgery.

Met with Dr. Strasser a week or two prior to surgery, confidence seemed to come from out of nowhere, so agreeing to the nose improvement made Lana comfortable, since breathing is a necessary life-essential to endure the future with minimal discomfort….

Lana T Reddock, M. Ed

Instructional Technologist

Post Surgery week 2.5

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