Reflectively Stating

how sweet it is to breathe, from both nostrils, at the same time.

Doesn’t that seem dopey?!?

Well it is a fact. Last week I was in the operating room having reconstructive surgery, to improve my right nostrils size and shape. This procedure increased inhalations and exhalations to the point of bragging rights – for myself and the plastic surgeon Dr. Eugene Strasser, in Coral Springs FL.

Here is a closer look the way my nose was, has been, and the new improvement.

b-1950-Lana-a  b-1963-Reddock-Lana  b-1981-Wedding Ceremony h  b-1998-Lana-z  b-2001-Lana-tzzt

               1949 or 1950                                          1963                                                       1981                                                1998                                          2001

It is obvious that my nose has been crocket almost all my life; the procedure has brought about a huge change.

b-2014-Reddock Lana zzza  mdc-2014-Reddock Lana Pre-op zza  mdc-2014-Reddock Nostril zzp

Compare 2014 before surgery          to                 2014 after surgery

Now a couple of videos clips combined, showing the how-it-was accomplished, after I realized the straightness was so visible, in the hospital and at home.

Lana Reddock’s Post Nostril Repair 2014
Do not click the arrow to begin video if you are spoofed by goriness; it is not too bad but yuck….
Lana Reddock, M. Ed
Reflectively Stating

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