Surgical Improvement

to the cartilage, to increase inhalations; whether it functions as good as my doctor believes is going to surface, tomorrow. The surgeon (a plastic surgery specialist) believes he can straighten a blocked airflow, which is going to be uncomfortable I think for several days – or longer. If his magic hands do the reconstruction properly, my breathing will be so much better. Having C.O.P.D. for more than a decade has been a very concerning factor, which hopefully will not bring about any major problems during and after the surgery. I am nervous but for some reason I do have confidence in Dr. Strasser, whom I met only once in his office for the consultation. He impressed me, therefore I think he’s going to do good.

Whether I make any additional entry about this depends solely upon how I feel, during the healing process. And, if I have to stay overnight or the weekend in the hospital, then that will dictate no updates until next week for sure.

How dumb is this – here’s a picture from 1963;  and another picture from most recently 2013

b-1963-Reddock-Lana  b-2013-Reddock Lana Haircut zzaa 

Yep I have aged quite a bit since way back when…

Lana T Reddock, M. Ed

Surgical Improvement

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