Nothing Specific

…going on for the Reddock household.

  • Bob will be celebrating his 83th birthday, come the end of the month.
  • Danica, and Alex will be receiving Easter Greeting Cards with $10.00 gift cards.
  • Dennis should be receiving a permanent work-schedule, by the manager.
  • Jennifer is always in the dual zone; super mom and super employee.
  • Lana (me) – finally have surgical procedure scheduled, end of the month.

Perhaps inhalations will be increased without as much strain. Exhalation may be improved as well. The surgeon seems to think all will be successful. Can’t ask for more than that.

Caj the puppy is in his final puppy-year. Midmonth in May 2014 the first birthday will open his dog life. What does this mean exactly is a mythological time-development, by pet lovers wishing to identify precious moments, I think. For my household – Caj has been a complementary pet. Adopting was the best aspect of becoming a first time pet owner, of a canine. Other pooches, felines, and birds have come and gone almost within a few months. Sometimes pet sitting was the purpose for limited longevity. Other times, responsibilities curtailed adequate bonding, training, and understanding for a animal. So – Caj is blessed by previous times – this puppy will have a good home, for the rest of our lives; somebody will be here for him. And furthermore, the animal clinic (medial facility) has the most wonderful staff. Scarborough Animal Hospital in Sunrise FL was on a list of veterinarians’ that would be completing a physical check up, after a few weeks.

Need I state anything more??? Nah…! The future for us is in our own hands, to make as good as it gets, for one another; that includes our Caj.

Lana R

Nothing Specific

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