…are not for me. I just am a humorous individual. Not that I lack a sense of humor; it does not get the best out of me. Can’t remember jokes, funny things, and certainly nothing to do or say to others – so April Fool’s Day is a waster on me.

As for normal stuff, I as usual have another doctor’s appointment; annual physical or something. I am alive, breathing, and capable of knowing when things are not running smoothly in my body but the whatever.

Everything else is good so far.

Even Caj the puppy is on his way to becoming a dog, in about 6 weeks. Hmmm…! It seems odd to have a birthday party for a pet. He does however behave nicely at home. On walks to do his business (poop and pee) good behavior has begun surfacing. Distractions by others, especially children at play, Caj does that initial barking – then he calms down and just sits observing. It has been nearing 4 months of training behavior management. Looks as though it is taking permanence. The one or two quirks that linger are improving also, those being: walking along side without pulling. Secondly is over-zealous energy burst, normally after treats in the early evening. It is at times concerning because he run and barks at anybody attempting to calm him down. The solutions his trainer gave works – although it is noisier than Caj.

My Bob displays no sign of his cancer growing, which takes him off the hook for biopsy or exploratory proceeds. We both are pleased with that outcome. His condition took its toll on our household from June through September of 2013. Finally, just daily routines and regular activity for him. And, no worries for me.

Dennis has a friend that makes him smile, feel good about himself and his future, and both seem to have personal concerns as well – taking over most of their lives. In the future just having a trusting friend is mostly what gives individuals normalcy, and he found his.

Jennifer is doing good at work and at home; her son is registered for football practice this season, and before we know it the games begin. Yea Alex!!!

Off to the doctor’s office for me in a little while, to have him smile and tell me all is okay.

Lana R


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