Yep it is only 12 days away, the birthday for me that somehow is welcomed. I already mentioned in an earlier blog how many years …

… don’t expect a repeated memo. Just know that if you are reading this wasteful blog, it makes me feel good displaying images, videos, and bits and pieces of ordinary stuff. As for that sellers website, I gave up; it takes far more superior knowledge and time than I am interested in contributing. My collection of crocheted items, for sale, are just going to wait another year or longer. I need a versatile individual to assist, at a wage beginning at volunteering (nothing) to a salary conducive for a terrific representative. And, of course, there is no limit to perks; lunch, coffee breaks, sporadic journeys, etc. Nothing elaborate – just the typical grocery shopping, pharmacy pick ups, and at times holiday gift doings.

Enough of my desired marketing crapola. Now for the good stuff. My physician assigned a medication to increase the bone-strength, over time that is, it is not a miracle drug. The first one was ingested this morning, and a week from now another, and so forth until whenever.

Caj is doing nicely and beginning to walk on the leash, but still requires much training. Most other areas of his training is successful. patience and consistency from me is what can do the perfecting; there are at times just not enough – then I permit him to walk ahead and sniff about. It’s a defeatist momentum. Repetition has never been my uplifting towards anything; either I do it right my way or no way at all!!! Yuck…on my ways!

That’s it for now except that my Bob is doing good, has another doctor’s appointment next week, and should be hearing something that makes us smile; hopefully that his cancer did not return.


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