Month 3 in 2014

has begun with concern; the previous two months brought about vehicle incidents, for Lana and also for Robert. What could possibly have been in the stars to created the dilemmas.

The puppy Caj is growing nicely. He has a pleasant as well as an arrogance about him. Sometimes he is receptive to learning new things, making me aware he must go out, and that he just wants to play by himself. I ponder whether he is learning from me or visa versa. The behavior training instructor does wonders with him. She maintains full attention, creates tasks that can be achieved, and rewards him with treats. And quite frankly speaking it is I that is being trained, to follow through with the lessons provided, for a puppy to grow with.

p-2014-Caj Going Out a p-2014-Reddock Caj zyxll b-2014-Reddock Bob Caj zaa

My Bob is doing okay. The doctor’s appointment the other day was a good one; nothing to be concerned in a negative way about, leading Bob and myself to feel relieved that the cancer has been removed – in the summer time of 2013.

Jennifer is doing very nicely also, and finally spent time on a mini-vacation to visit dear-friends. She brought two of her sons along, to meet and share fun time. They all went to Universal Studios and enjoyed rides, food, and togetherness. A weekend away gave way to peace of mind that all is okay, for the children of parents killed in a motorcycle accident – a year ago.

b-2013-Reddock Jnfr zb

Lana (that’s me) is also doing okay. Every morning a walk with Caj occurs. The COPD problem is less than desirable, as it makes me have to take numerous stoppings to catch my breath. Then the puppy and I continue down the street, for him to do his business. Although I (must be a jerk) I do pick up his poop with paper napkins and flush when we return home. My lovely other local pet owners more often than not just walk away with a blind eye. Hmmm…!

p-2014-Reddock Caj bzb p-2014-Reddock Caj azffff

Dennis is doing nicely also, in both work and private life. He misses his tool collective and one day he’ll get back to Las Vegas, NV, to bring everything here. Till he can afford the journey, Dennis is still confident in meeting new individuals and developing friendships.

b-2013-May Renee Dennis c b-2013-May Dennis zzzhj b-2013-May Reddock  facebook

Month 3 in 2014

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