True Love

Comes and goes with every breath we take

There’s hardships and heartbreaks and even mistakes,

So why bother explaining or looking back

To a time when nothing matter – who gives a crap!

Yesterday came and went like a whim

leaving candy, donuts, and flowers – not so grim,

and nothing more could take that place in time

then knowing that we are as one – quite nicely combined.

So prey away at nasty stuff

Cause it will kick back and get rough,

Just open your mind and your heart

to let all the kindness lead to good stuff.


Okay this is one lame-ass poetic piece that I wrote of the top of my head, just to release yesterday’s crap.

First my car door would not close because the child-proof safety lock locked; it took reading the manual and several minutes (actually 15 or more minutes) to get the darn thing working, so I could drive a couple of friends home. What a blah moment.

Finally home thinking how nice – the toilet backed up causing no holiday delight. It was my fault for flushing the poop in a paper towel, which my puppy donated to the backyard. Upstairs for the plunger, a few pumps here and there and all was good.

My husband rushed in with “I can’t find the keys to the car. I have to go back to the florist, I may have left them their.”

Talk about being confused, uptight, and then to have him in his own frenzy just pissed me off; the flowers however were nice … it was just that everything and anything that could have gone wrong actually did!!! And, all in a series of time, less than an hour!


I think I’ll give up on Special Days and Holidays – if this is the future’s kind of events.

Bless all my family and friends, as we journey into the unknown during 2014, from Lana Reddock.

Published on February 15, 2014

True Love

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