February already

Yep the first month of our new year has ended; 1/12 of 2014 is completed, so what is left?!?

There is Valentine’s Day, for romance and gift giving. There is progressive lifestyles’ of pets and owners. There is that unknown momentum, rarely accessible before any moment of occurrence or incident. So why bother making memos of such silliness, other than to document in a non professional overview of what is going on???

Perhaps just to feel that sense of accomplishment, whether it be individually or group related. From my point of view everyday is a different occurrence. There is Caj the puppy that is learning slowly…s-l-o-w-l-y…to not bark at other pets, their owners, or for no particular reason. The puppy is doing nicely however, it would be hoped that this month his understanding of what is acceptable and what is unacceptable sinks-into his ability.

My Bob is doing nicely and he has been to the physician where he was told he is doing nicely. There are 2 scheduled medical appointments with other specialists, which he and I anticipate the same end-result, as being negative to anything medically out of whack.

C.O.P.D. for myself is still persistent. It drags me slowly into the get up and do something mode. I have overcome much of the shortness of breath during walking Caj, by using the inhaler before taking the puppy outside. Chests discomforts, shortness of breath, and laxity of ‘spirit’ so to speak is challenging. All will continue to be part of my life, therefore I must pursue all that is required, to substantiate ‘why the hell I am alive.’

Dennis C. May (my son) is doing good. His job and him are a good daily occurrence. His broken heart is almost healed, from a decade of heartfelt commitment that ended in June of 2013. What comes for him is hoped to be a good relationship that has no life-time commitments that can be slashed.

Jennifer Reddock (my daughter) is hard working, making everyday count economically, and her children are beginning to grasp the importance of not just wanting. They are coming to realize their mom works for all of them … not only herself. Am I proud of her … you bet your ass!!!

February already

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