Puppy Update

Caj the puppy sitting on Lana’s lap and then on his bed

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Well this is out of the norm for my household; having a puppy has added physical exertion (during walks, playtimes, and general care). This puppy that I introduced a couple of weeks ago is Caj, a Terrier, which is quite beautiful. Caj has been increasingly learning to obey, abide by our rules – that may be different from what he had been learning with his original owner or the animal shelter.

So – Caj made a momentary scare the night before last;  the neighborhood landscapers cutback all the smaller trees and a brush behind the fence of my property, leaving gaps along the grass area and the wooden fence line. My Caj wandered beneath the opened gap. It was horrendous as he disappeared before me. Fortunately, my son Dennis was able to hop the fence, get the leash on him and walk him back home.

Even Bob (my husband) go in the car, to drive around to that development, had he not have seen Dennis and Caj and myself walking back home. He was so glad to see Caj was alright but a bit concerned.
We all agreed that Caj would not be permitted in the backyard without a leash until the gap is enclosed. Yesterday morning I purchased a mesh wire galvanized fence to contain Caj; it requires submerging a foot or two into the ground on my side of the fence, then being heavy duty staple gunned (staples) onto the wooden fence on my side. And even with this precautionary safety measure – Caj will not be permitted after dark in the yard without a leash.

The one major medically health related aspect of this venture with being a puppy owner – my C.O.P.D. has not been overly compromised. Exertion does take its toll, leaving me short of breath after only a block or once around the cul de sac; this however has been minimized until the incident with Caj’s getting under the fence. Currently I have been getting short of breath much more during the process of getting the leash on Caj. It takes two or three commands, “Caj sit. Caj want to go out. Caj sit and stay.” These are the command formats to keep up on a more regular basis – as I found Caj does not reject the communication – he adheres pretty much.

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Puppy Update

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