From my house to yours from Bob and Lana Reddock.

We have hopes that this will bring goodnesses into the lives of all we know. We have been blessed with our adopted puppy Caj, so 2013 left us much to remember, brought in something special, and we have great expected hope our pet will be as healthy and intelligent as the first day – Christmas Eve 2013 when I saw him encaged at the Broward Pet Shelter.

He was healthy, taken care of nicely but in need; thank you for locating this stray and I hope his life with us is good.

Dennis is still seeking a new goodness into his life but has been progressing from disgusted to accepting, which is a huge improvement. I am so proud that he has made a transition forward.

My family members that live outside home will have their wishes come true I hope through intelligent decision making, economic improvement through logical planning, and good health from proper dieting.

Yes this is a wonderful date in my lifetime. At 66 years old, chronic occurring pulmonary disease (after quitting smoking cigarettes in 1994 or 1995), which leads me to maintain a higher quality daily activity conducive to proper oxygenation throughout my body. My most important reason for being alive on this day and those that have passed and as well as those still to come is my Pulmonary Specialist Dr. V Patel and his staff. My hope for them is a safe and wonderful new year, and many more.

Frequently notations about Robert and Lana Reddock can be found on:


www.lanareddock.com and possibly:

 www.boblana.com (it may be deleted therefore no longer displayed)

Images of Caj, as he grows and achieves may be uploaded monthly, if there is much to state.

Poems written during the 1960s forward that have been posted all of 2013, on boblana’s blog may also be reposted this year. Posting and reposting makes my knowledge, skills, and abilities with this internet communication so much less intimidating and keeps my mind sharp.

Again, good health and wealth, during our new year 2014

www.lanareddock.com Published January 1st 2014


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