[1] “BIILS, Bill, bills …"

BIILS, Bill, bills …"

Has a bill come your way?

A letter or two;

an ornery pestering request of you.

Did you say: "File It – safe as can be?"

(File-13 that is) or pay it in total only to see,

a new one appears not white but yellow with red ink, instead of black or blue, how mellow!

Did you whisper a word or surprise as I do? Did you feel you were wasting a personal view?

Have you thought: Buying or Renting? That just won’t do???

A place where you never get bills can’t be true!?! Is life such a place where all things are for sale? Are there some special gifts of beauty still for free?

Just read on and you will see.

There’s air and wind and even rain, so much hail,

so much snow and lots of sun,

it’s not the same!

These gifts we get for free real but worth not much, only appeal

Keep your bills, your thoughts, and cares or file the worries away in pairs.

Think of pleasures not merely the bliss, sunshine and flowers will come as a wish.

www.lanareddock.com January 2014 published [repeated from 2013]

[1] “BIILS, Bill, bills …"

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