Meet CAJ Reddock

Yep finally I did the emotional thing and drove around for hours trying to locate the pet shelter near the airport, on its perimeter road – just alongside I-95. This was on my anniversary, December 24, 2013. My son Dennis (the oldest living son) came with me and he too could not see the place I was looking for. We asked for directions and were told how to get to the wrong place, which of course was closed on Christmas Eve. It seems as though I was driving in circles for two hours when Dennis realized the perimeter road was not only a road near the airport in Fort Lauderdale FL – he realized that was the name of it. So, finally, here’s the notations from my journal-like file.

Okay how ignorant is it to drive around the airport nearly 2 hours, to locate a pet shelter place, on one’s anniversary??? Well, it’s pretty stupid in my opinion but that is exactly what I did yesterday. I took Dennis (my son along) to help me see what I might not see during the driving process. We went three time around the Griffin Road exit, to locate it; however, the directions on the cell phone were impeccable. We still drove past the Humane Society 3 times and I was about to go home when I started talking about what I remembered of the place I was talking about and not the Humane Society which I might add was closed on Christmas Eve. Hmmmm…!

So once again I drove onto the interstate 95, and started telling my son there is something known as the perimeter road, however there was no exit or entrance way driving north or south. Dennis however did see the pet shelter place, as we drove past it. He again pulled up his GPS to find we had to get off at the exit, make a u-turn back onto the interstate and go south to Griffin Road (again) … and then we made the Left Turn inside of a right turn, drove eastbound and there was the light, on perimeter road. This road took us to US1 making me think again I was going the wrong way or lost or just screw this attempt, to locate a hidden place. And then the road came to an end, I made a Left onto US1 and as we approached the major intersection, the sign pointed to the interstate and 595. This final effort did lead to the perimeter road, which took us to the pet shelter, after a very long drive and there I saw the puppy. He is a black haired pooch with white spotted paws; he was in a cage with another dog – that barked quite a bit.

Dennis and I looked and placed our hands to the caged area and the puppy seems to be waiting for us. He was friendly without being overly rambunctious. His attentiveness was quick, his eyes were sad, and his disposition seemed perfect. Still I was not sure … even though I asked Dennis to take the identification paper on the cage to the front desk. We then looked in at the cats. Cats and Kittens are normally very purry, frisky, and friendly. These were okay but did not seem to respond to voices. The cats and kittens came around to us for a petting but were too independent, all that is except for 2 older felines. Those felines sat on Dennis’s lap, as he sat on the cat climb up walking area. It was almost a kitten that we brought home but that puppy – well, I had my heart set on a canine.

Back to see the puppy in its cage, I went back to the desk and said I definitely will be taking this puppy. It had its shots, it had been nutured, and it was on medication (for an injury), which was healing nicely. So signing a bunch of papers, getting the copies, and paying was all I had to do – and we took my puppy home. His name is Caj, to which he is beginning to realize is him. I bought him a bed that he can grow to fit, with plenty of room to stretch. I bought his dog foods (2 kinds) so he can alternate and let me know which is better. And I purchased a collar, a flexible retracting leash, and a red double feeding bowl. Guess that’s about it. I am so please … this puppy follows me around as though he is a personal protector.

Caj slept downstairs on his bed all last night, did not pee nor crap on the floor, and did not bark or acknowledge Dennis – when he came home in the wee hours. During today however Caj did display signs of barking, just a bit, when company arrived. Caj was pleased to have so many individuals like him, pet him, and teach him to give me paws. What an excellent Christmas Even Anniversary for Bob and Lana (me) to have shared with our children and grandchildren – both in Florida and those in Alabama. Yep I posted images in emails, Facebook, and downloading many pictures and a couple of videos to my computer. And I even outsmarted the puppy with the giving of his medications. I took small pieces of Swirl Bread and folded it over each tablet and the dog ingested each one, and then I gave him just a plain piece of the bread – as a treat with lots of praises, for being such a good dog.

Well, Caj may be here for many many years, as he is only 7 months old. I think our lives are being blessed because even my Bob offered and did in fact take Caj on the leash for a walk around the cul-de-sac area just a little while ago. This is a full win-win all around!

10:47 AM 12/26/2013

Caj is getting to feel secure at home with us, in Tamarac FL. He has no whimpering moments, no arrogance, and he is a little intimidated by the stairs going up to our bedrooms. Its weird but I think it is because of his hind leg injury; although it has been treated and seems to be healing, it may in fact be hindering his exploration moments – to follow Dennis, Bob, or Lana (myself). What matters is that he eats the dry Puppy Food, ingests water, and he does not (so far) go to the bathroom in the house.

Dennis let him go in the backyard this morning, before going to work, and Caj did his business. So if this puppy continues to be as good – I truly will be blessed. Caj is actually beginning (after only two days) to understand the following commands: sit, stay, and bed. Even my Bob is pleased with the choice of puppy we have, and that’s the most important aspect of caring for a pet – keeping the bread-winner happy too!!!

We are very pleased that we have been blessed with a well mannered and well behaved pet.

This may be final entry in this boblana blog, as this year has been one understanding the blog – ability required to maintain accurate entries. The original blog ‘’ will continue for another year, and probably indefinitely. Again, happy holidays to all the family and friends, and the few blog-followers, from: Robert and Lana Reddock. And a very special thank you to the pet shelter for having just the right pet, for me to adopt.

Meet CAJ Reddock

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