Next Year Is On Its Way

Because of my inability to focus on more than one blog, and its login and passwrod, this will be the only blog in 2014 and probably for the years to come.
So … … is going to provide monthly entries with categorized topics. Each month the anticipated entry will have a specific mention. The categories will change slightly from what has been practiced, for the past 3 years. As follows: JFMAMJJASOND (months), Simply Stating (when there’s opinionated memo), Booklength (for *.pdf links), Educational (reflecting instrutecp), Health (of Lana, Bob, or relatives), Poem (newly thought-of), and Special Event Days (holidays, birthdays, etc).
These changes will take place January 1, 2014.
Although 2 entries per category has been previously maintained on this may change, according to the month’s activity.
Hoping that everybody has a funtime during the holidays forthcoming, I wish my husband and myself a very Happy 32rd Anniversary. We have shown ourselves that nothing can separate two individuals when they are on the same level.
Lana T. Reddock, M. Ed

Next Year Is On Its Way

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